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About Pastor
Dr.Gregory A. Sutton


        Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised among great educators, philosophers, and theologians, Reverend Dr. Gregory Sutton was unique, he was different, he was called into the service of the Lord.  Influenced by the struggle of our people, fueled by the passion to take a stand, bold enough to speak up and to speak out, compassionate enough about the welfare of others, the voice of Gregory A. Sutton emerged at the tender age of 16. At this young age, his destiny would begin to unfold…the boy, the preacher, the man, and the visionary.  Accepting the special call on his life, the voice of the youthful preacher began gracing pulpits, while he was still in high school. At the young age of 18, the young preacher was called to pastor a growing metropolitan church, Jackson Memorial, where he has pastored for 46 years. Through his leadership, the church continued to grow and its expansion lead to the construction of two churches, each new construction doubled the seating capacity.


Today, the church has a growing membership of 6,000 plus members.

Writing the vision and making it plain, Pastor Sutton is a respected and highly recognized spiritual leader, theological ambassador, religious mentor, and community activist. He is dedicated to the awareness, protection, and spiritual development of youth and is the originator of the theme, “Stop the Violence, Save the Children”. In addition, he was the first pastor to open his church for prayer to students before school, within his community. He embraces and values the wisdom of the elderly and insures that they are not forgotten and utilizes them in ministry. He has developed and implemented various ministries at Jackson Memorial and reaches out to the community locally and regionally through his weekly television broadcast, “Now Is the Time”. His messages reach the home-bound, those who are hospitalized, in convalescent homes, or behind prison walls. His Outreach Ministry reaches a diverse audience transcending ethnic origins and denominational affiliations that touches many low income and homeless families. On a daily basis, the ministry participates and assist in reaching out to homeless shelters, families living in hotel apartments and those living on the streets bringing them to the church for services (a hot meal, family recreation, hair cuts, clothing and words of encouragement).


       Accomplished community servant, Pastor Sutton has received many awards, accommodations, and citations. He serves on the Board of Directors of many organizations, as well as, the Board of Ministers of Morehouse College.  Married 38 years to Rev. Gail Sutton and the father of four children, Theresa, Tony, Keisha and LaQuay respectively, and grandfather to their lovely grandchildren.

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